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For more information, contact Whitstable Harbour Gin directly

A Bit About Whitstable Harbour Gin

Justine & Darren are the faces behind brand; Justine has worked for Darren (landlord of The Old Neptune) for over 20 years on and off, coming and going between various other jobs and travelling. In 2017 Justine noticed that many people were asking for a local Whitstable Gin and so an idea was born. After much reading, researching, learning and discovering, many obstacles and a pandemic, Whitstable Harbour Gin was launched in June 2021 and has flown off the shelves ever since.

Whitstable Harbour Gin is steeped in the folklore of sailors, smugglers, and steam. Delicately crafted by expert distillers in traditional copper stills, their small batch London Dry is both inspired by and infused with sea plants native to the ancient shoreline and salt marshes of Whitstable; giving a modern twist and a first-class taste. Sea Buckthorn delivers a fruitiness that gently compliments the hint of citrus, subtly blended with the crisp saltiness of the Samphire and their ten carefully selected botanicals to give a perfectly clean, refreshing gin.

You can buy their gin, jam and marmalade in their store as well as buy their gin at the Unit 6 Bar on the bottom level of the shed. 

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